My name is Andreas Roth. I am an Austrian based photographer, editor and filmmaker. My work focuses on portraits, reportage and to some extend concert photography.
I was born 1999 in Graz. In middle school I first came into conract with the art of photography. Since then I was eager to improve my skills as a photographer. Over the years I tried to experiment as much as possible, I treid various technieques such as HDR and even started filming and editing short films. Therefore I was able to develop a wide ranging set of skills that make it possible to deliver a unique pice of art.
From mid September 2017 to mid December 2017 I was working for the media production company WE SHOOT IT e.U. as a photographer and editor. One of the major projects I have been working on was the aftermovie of the Love Week Festival 2017. Furthermore I have been filming and editeting almost the VLOGs that were published during that period. Next to my role as a editor and filmer, I have been supporting the team of photographers wherever I could. This gave me the opportunity to get a better understanding of studio and live photography.
If you want to help me create art then feel free to contact me.
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